We use exclusively Sperry Tents made by the Sperry Family in Massachusetts USA.

These are classic handmade ivory coloured sailcloth and Spruce pole tents that require no lining or frilly detailing.

We have the exclusive license to these tents in New Zealand and whether you’re approaching them from a distance or standing beneath their soaring canopy, there is really nothing else like the experience of being at an event held within a Sperry Tent.

The natural colour of the sailcloth reflects a warm and embracing light viewed from both inside and out. The high sides which can be covered or left open as required, provide for perfect sightlines and extended views whether standing or seated within the tent.


To quote Tim Sperry:

“Selecting an event tent goes beyond size and guest count. Choosing the style and quality of a tent is just as important as selecting an indoor venue that resonates. A tent needs to be a visually appealing backdrop, one that photographs well and complements both lighting and décor. The detailed craftsmanship of our canopies is purposeful and reflects the importance of any well-documented occasion.”